God is good, all the time. - by Claire

This morning Bryan left on a backpacking excursion in my favorite mountains in New Mexico. He left me with instructions to update our blog this weekend, which I will be doing independently, without any help from my tech-savvy husband, so bear with me! I think this is going to work though... 

So we are going on day 6 of being Wilderness Residents, and it has been nothing shy of interesting thus far. I've discovered two massive spiders in our temporary living space and was reassured by our neighbors that there will be many more critters to come. I can't say I'm excited about finding creepy critters in our new home, but at least I know what to expect. ;)

I've learned a few important lessons so far: 1) Walk no where without shoes on. 2) Do not go outside without a flashlight or headlamp--it is EXTREMELY dark once the sun goes down. 3) Always look in the sink before using it-- interesting creatures reside in the pipes and like to make friendly appearances. 

I have to admit that Day 2 (Monday) was a tough day for me. Here are the reasons why: 
1) Bryan had to work and I didn't, so I was home alone.
2) All I had for breakfast was a banana because we have no microwave, stove, or working oven, and our toaster oven's cord wasn't long enough to reach the plug. 
3) Bryan drove my car, which meant I was left with his Jeep -- which is not in the best condition. 
4) I had to run errands on a tight budget in a new town that I don't know well in an unreliable vehicle on a very chilly morning. 
...Needless to say, my attitude was not the greatest that morning. And to top it off-- I hadn't received any Soul Revolution reminders yet! 

So then God reminded me how awesome it is that I can think about him without receiving a Soul Revolution reminder because He is accessible all the time!  Then I remembered I have a Starbucks gift card,  so I got my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season and some coffee cake to boost my blood sugar (Starbucks is right next to HEB)... And as I entered the store with anxiety (which always ensues when entering a new HEB that's laid out completely different than your normal one) I noticed how genuinely nice everyone acted and realized that God was comforting me in my time of loneliness. When I got home from the grocery store, I spent some sweet time on our new front porch with the Lord in a quiet time which rejuvenated my soul. I look forward to many quiet times on my porch in the future, soaking in the beauty of the nature around me as I commune with my Creator.  God is good, all the time.

That evening, we had dinner with our new neighbors, the Assistant Camp Director and his wife. They shared some of their transition experiences with us, which reassured me that what I'm feeling is normal and that moving is a process. I am very encouraged by Shawn and Krista and look forward to sweet community with them during our time here at Camp Wilderness Ridge.  God is good, all the time. 

Please pray that as Bryan is out of town this weekend, I will not feel loneliness but instead feel filled with joy and peace from the Lord. Please also pray for protection over Bryan and his buddies as they travel together this weekend. More to come later...


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