Imagine this...

Here are some before/after pictures of how far we've come with a little imagination and lots of great helpers. There is still a lot to do, but we are definitely making progress! 

Yesterday, my parents came down from Leander and helped start the painting process. However, Krista (our neighbor/Asst. Director's wife) had suggested that we write scriptures on the wall before painting-- I LOVED this idea! So she and her 4 kids came over before we started painting, and we covered the walls in Scripture: Ephesians, Romans, Joshua, Micah, John, Matthew, Genesis, Proverbs... a whole slew of encouraging words from the Word of God that should be a part of our home's foundation. It was such a blessing to see what each of them wrote: Krista wrote in the closet about putting on the full armor of God; The boys wrote blessings to us, "I love you" about 100 times, and sweet verses about sharing Jesus with others; And the girls drew beautiful pictures of spiders, which we turned into flowers so we wouldn't have spiders in our walls, haha. :) 

It was a sweet time to spend with these new friends as I thought about each verse as it applies to our life. I feel extremely blessed to be taking this big step of faith, but I know that not only do I have a wonderful husband leading me, but we have a strong support group of friends and family to go with us on this journey. 

So here are pictures of "scripturizing" the walls and the painting completed in our bedroom and kitchen.

Progress thus far...

God is good, all the time. - by Claire