Moving Day!

Well, it's finally here! We're beginning our great adventure of living and working at Camp Wilderness Ridge in the Lost Pines of central Texas.

Bryan was invited to join the staff as Director of Retreats and Camping, and will start working full time at camp on October 18.  We are truly blessed.  We are both looking forward to telling many stories of God's faithfulness and provision, and it's amazing that we have already seen that during our transition period.  A couple of stories to start you off:

First off, we'll write another post later just to explain how we believe God has been working in the background of our lives over the last 4 years to move both of us together to this place.  Let's just say, a lot of things have come together in such a way that we know this mission is from Him, not us.

Second, CWR is able to provide housing for us, and is generously helping us build out a comfortable private residence from a few empty rooms in a schoolhouse type building.  This is because the camp worked out a great deal with an amazing property that is only two miles from the original property that burned down in the Bastrop fires last year.  (We'll talk more about the fire and recovery later.)  Also, we were allowed to move down early into a temporary space while our permanent housing is being constructed, and that has made everything work out very smoothly. We'll post photos of progress on our home!

We were unsure of when we'd be able to move down and really commit our time to CWR because the lease on our apartment is not up until the end of February next year.  Out of the blue, a woman Claire knew from the camp she has worked at for the last few summers remembered a conversation they had months ago and contacted us about sub-leasing our apartment.  Also, our apartment made the transition really smooth, and we were able to sign everything over yesterday afternoon.  It's crazy, but this one phone call shortened our transition time from what we thought would be months to just under 2 weeks!

Another one is financial support! Bryan has to raise monthly financial support for his salary (Claire will continue to teach), and having never had to do this before could be very stressful to step out in faith and trust God will provide for all our needs.  We'll be lanching into support raising in the next week.  We've been blessed not to have to stress, as a couple amazing folks approached us before we even asked. We'll be launching into support raising in the next week, and we're looking forward to the kind of trust that God will be teaching us!

Lastly, God provided us with an incredible group of friends and family who have worked hard to help us pack and move in the short time span we had.  We are very grateful for all the sweat and blood (Sebastian!) you guys poured into making this transition smooth. We'll post photos of this tomorrow as well!

For all these things, we just have to sit back and thank God. And that's why we're writing this blog. To reflect on His goodness and share stories of His handiwork. We hope you'll read along.

-Bryan & Claire

Home Sweet Home (soon-to-be)