Housing Progress Update

Hi friends,

It's been crazy, but we've been making slow, steady progress on our home.  We were able to move in about a week ago, and have now finished the following:

  • building out new bathroom,
  • installing the shower, bathroom and kitchen sinks and all related plumbing,
  • painting the walls,
  • building closet shelves,
  • installing missing ceiling tiles and insulation,
  • re-wiring the kitchen,
  • fixing heating & A/C,
  • installing stove vent,
  • weatherproofing entryways,
  • and moving furniture and stuff into our bedroom and kitchen.

Praise God!  We are very, very, very thankful for the help of the Hammer family (our neighbors at camp), Ron Hunt (director of camp), Alex "Bacon" Becerra (camp intern), Dean Heier (electrician), Jason Carson (HVAC), Kim Casper (contractor who built shower), Jeremy Sapien (painter), Keith Waters, Merle Breiland, Don and Carol McCall, Pairsh Wiggins, Kevin and Brittany Tydlacka, Dustin and Audrey Milburn, and Andres Vargas.  You have no idea how much we appreciate you!

Check out the photos below for what our home looks like now!

There's still a lot to do, including:

  • installing rubber wallbase and wood finish trim,
  • painting wood trim and doors,
  • painting all cement floors,
  • building more closet shelves,
  • re-wiring hallway,
  • installing outdoor lighting,
  • tiling kitchen and bathroom floors (future),
  • and probably a million other things I can't remember right now!

Please let us know (bryan[at]wildernessridge.com) if you're interested in coming out and working with us!

-Bryan & Claire

Happy Thanksgiving!

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