"MILLER" Alphabet Project

We just gifted my New Orleans family (mom, step-dad, sister, brother) with a photo project that began on our last visit during Thanksgiving of last year.  It was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but we've been holding it hostage until they came to visit us at Camp.  Since we ended up driving to N.O. to celebrate my brother's high school graduation and sister's college graduation, it seemed like a good time to hand it over ;-)


I took all these photos as we walked around the French Quarter together and my family pointed out the letters as they spotted them.  At first, I thought this type of thing was hokey, but it was actually fun to search for the letters with people we love.  While these images aren't necessarily iconic New Orleans landmarks, it's interesting to dive deep and look at the details and finish work that give these old buildings character.

This is my first attempt at so-called letter "art".  What do you think?

Congratulations Bailey, Michael, and Grant!