Summer @ CWR

    Wow, I can't believe that four weeks of Summer Camp have already blown by!  It's been really fun so far, and God's done some amazing things.  Here's the most amazing part: We've had almost 20 campers and even two teen staff members give their lives to Christ!   For some of them, it was the first time they've heard the incredible news about God's love for each of them, for others, perhaps it was just the fact that mentors like our chaplains, counselors, and staff took the time to find out who they are and invest in these young men's lives. 

    This past week was our second Ranger Challenge Camp (for 13-17 year old dudes), where the highlights are two separate primitive (tent camping) experiences and a 2-day paddle on the Colorado River.  We also got to celebrate Independence Day with a fireworks display by our Lake.  You can get a peek into what camp is like with the end-of-the-week recap video below.

    This was my first time creating the DVD that we give to each camper's family at the end of the week (our long-time summer staff photographer Andrew Jeanette had the week off), and man, was it stressful, but I think I'm proud of my work.  It also features excellent photos from our photographers-in-training Adam Delgado & Brandon Mullen and GoPro video from senior counselor Chris Sawey.  Check it out below:

Please continue to pray for our summer!  There's two more weeks of Woodsman Camp (7-13 year olds), then we'll host a group of volunteers on a mission trip from Hill Country Bible Church of Austin, followed by a few days off (whew!), and then the summer officially ends with a celebratory staff trip to my father-in-law's cabin in northern New Mexico.

Pray also for my sanity, as I'm trying to help out with Summer Camp as much as I can while still recruiting and planning weekend retreats for this Fall and Spring 2014. 

It's a busy life, but worthwhile.   Like we say frequently at camp, God is good, all the time.  All the time, God is good!

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