Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the things I'm thankful for today is: Turducken. A duck in a chicken in a turkey. Delicious.

This says "TurDucHen", but we all know that's not how it's spelled!

Cooked up nice in the roaster!

My step-dad, Mike Miller, cutting through the layers of turkey, duck, chicken, cornbread stuffing, and rice.

I'm thankful for this amazing Thanksgiving feast where the Miller family recipe green beans in bacon, mashed potatoes with giblet gravy, cream corn casserole, sweet potato souffle, and cornbread stuffing, (not to mention desserts brought by others) all could have been served as the main course.

I'm thankful to be spending this day with my family in New Orleans (who we haven't been able to visit since last Thanksgiving), as well as the hospitality they showed to two other young married couples with nowhere to go for the holiday.

I'm thankful for safe travels, because I just read about the awful, terrible huge pileup this morning on the same road we drove yesterday. (I'm also praying for those involved, and those who lost loved ones today.)

I'm thankful for rest. It's been a crazy month since I joined the staff of Camp Wilderness Ridge, full of planning, prepping, and running retreats, as well as work projects both around camp and at home (see last post), and it's really nice to collect my thoughts, crack up about old inside jokes, and watch football.

I'm thankful for the mission God has given me and Claire at Camp Wilderness Ridge, to use His amazing creation to lead people to Him, and to train up the next generation of young men as servant-leaders.

I'm thankful for the supporters who have committed to this ministry by sacrificing a portion of their own finances by giving it to the Lord, and that the Lord allows us to receive those blessings and sustains our daily needs.

I'm thankful for the investment of Camp Wilderness Ridge in me, and for the staff and regular volunteers who have been an incredible example of Christ-likeness in their service for others.

I'm thankful for Claire, my bride, who is the most perfect match for me I could have ever imagined.  She is truly a gift from God, and loves me unconditionally.  I'm humbled by her respect, encouragement, and support for me.

I'm thankful most of all for Jesus Christ, and His love for us, even while we were still in rebellion to God, and that by putting our faith in His sacrifice which settled the debt for all our sins once and for all, we can be saved for all eternity... AND experience an amazing, fulfilling, meaningful life with God while here in this life. Man... That's better than turducken!

Lastly, I'm thankful that you stopped by.  Let us know what you think.  We'll see you after a couple days of rest!


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