Thank you for your prayers! They're working!

Thank you for your prayers! They're working!

Howdy from Bryan & Claire! Thanks for reading.

Hi <<First Name>>!

Thank you for your prayers! They're working!
The first week of Summer Camp ended yesterday, and it was a crazy, messy, fun, exhausting 6 days of ministry. Prior to this week, Claire and I led our Leadership Team through a week of bonding, training, and planning, and then a second week for the other 40 people on our Summer Staff team. Without much of a breath, we launched into Woodsman I, our first of 4 weeks geared toward our youngest campers, 7 to 13 year-old boys. Click on the video link above to watch the video we made that sums up the week.

Why We Do What We Do:

I wanted to share with you this note I just received from a mother of a Woodsman camper who was here last week. Honestly, it was a pretty hard week for me, with lots of unexpected challenges and a steep learning curve on "Director-level issues" like campers with homesickness, calls home to parents, and staff management, but notes like this make it all worth it.

Hello CWR:
I have just said one final good night to Truett - and he had this big goofy exhausted smile on his face. I just had to write tonight and tell you all that we are so thankful we found CWR.

Truett was a non-stop storyteller since the moment we saw him at camp this evening - we’ve heard it all: late night Tower games with crawling counselors wearing headlamps; “find the counselor games” with some crazy point scheme based on banana and cookie monster costumes, and how each scrape and bug bite was proudly earned through some manly man activity.

Most of all, we heard our son recite Bible verses that get at the heart of being a Christian. We sent him there praying that he would be touched, that he would see these cool young men sharing God’s Word and that his heart would be opened and his faith would be strengthened. Already Truett has told me how he believes more than ever in God’s power and love, how the video you showed about the universe - and the size God was able to create - amazed him. He wants to show me all he learned and where he found it in the Bible. He really HEARD you - and God through you.

This was Truett’s first time away at camp, and it could not have been more perfect. Seeing you all and the camaraderie you share, I know you kept them safe and fed and inspired. Thank you for everything - especially to Ben, Stephen and “Tennessee.”

Get some rest tomorrow - and have a great summer!

We’ll see you next year!
— Amber Compton

It's clear that the ministry of Jesus at CWR makes a difference in the lives of young men. I realized at the end of the week during our awards dinner that 6 campers came to know the real Jesus Christ for the first time and many more were challenged to memorize scripture (about half met this challenge) and learned each day how to apply the Bible to their lives. A week at camp is powerful and can make a difference that lasts for the rest of their lives! (Or for eternity!)

We know that we can't accomplish real life change on our own, but that God is the One who accomplishes it through the Holy Spirit working through the Servant-Leaders at Camp Wilderness Ridge, so keep praying for us!


  • Baby Turner to continue growing in good health (we find out the gender this week!)
  • Bryan to recover completely from his surgery (still not 100%)
  • Our church, Trinity Baptist Church, as the elders seek a new pastor
  • Life change for our campers and staff as they get to know Christ
  • Financial peace and provision as we transition to one income (we will rely fully on monthly support starting in August)
  • Protection for our marriage, especially as we strive to serve each other during the busy summer season at camp
  • Finding more financial partners who will commit to supporting us in doing Jesus' ministry at CWR

We ask that you pray about how God will use you to come on mission with us at Camp Wilderness Ridge, and we'd love to hear from you when He responds. Please also let us know what's going on in your life and how we can pray for and serve you! 

Yours in Christ,

Bryan & Claire Turner

Thank you for your prayers!

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