Driving Maps for Forest Glen Springs Camp

Driving Maps for Forest Glen Springs Camp

The Need

Forest Glen Springs is tucked away in a remote rural area at the end of a series of complicated and not-always-well-marked turns. When arriving at the camp from any direction, the roads for the last few miles are unpaved gravel, and as such, many guest indicated an uncertainty that they were going in the right direction. Sometimes the camp office would receive a call of a person believing they were lost, and after hearing the description of the surroundings, a camp staffer would realize the person was only a half-mile away and only needed to round one last bend in the dirt road.

My goal was to make guests more comfortable and confident with the drive to camp by creating clear, reliable maps for driving. Additionally, I desired for guests to perceive Forest Glen Springs as professional and trustworthy in the process.

These maps are accurate and to scale. Because they are scale-able vector graphics, (Adobe Illustrator and .pdf) or can be linked/embedded in other graphics and print work.

I started by taking screenshots of Google Maps at various zoom levels, then brought them into Adobe Illustrator and traced with the pen tool. Labels are in the Forest Glen Camps corporate typeface, Aleo, in various weights and sizes. Setting Paragraph Styles for each "class" of label (i.e., town names of differing prominence) and Graphic Styles for each size of road makes this quite efficient. I did not use stock vector shapes for the road signs, but recreated the shapes in Illustrator with reference to their standard shapes on road maps.

Paired with turn-by-turn directions custom to the general area each group is coming from, these maps help guests confidently navigate to camp.

The Local Area Map

Arriving at a clean, uncluttered look with enough information provided to navigate the complicated state & county roads required simplification in color scheme and text hierarchy.

Forest Glen Springs - Area Map (Directions)-01.png

The Greater Regional Area Map

For the regional map, I started with the areas from which guests come. Looking over the history for the last season and the outlook for the next, I found that about 90% of visitors are based in Bryan/College Station, greater Houston, Temple/Belton, and greater Austin. This greatly narrowed down the crop on the map. I was directed to also show Waco and give reference to the general direction of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, as marketing efforts are beginning to reach out to those areas.

Further simplification of the lines that represented roads and the Brazos River and greater distinction within the text hierarchy allows this graphic to be used at much smaller size online or in print.

After reviewing an earlier draft with groups who were arriving from areas south on Highway 6, they indicated it would be helpful to show the general location of the turn off of Hwy 6 in Calvert. From this point, groups would transition to using the above Local Area Map.

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